Matters of money matter. It cannot be denied that money is indeed the basic commodity that every individual needs in order to survive decently. Minors have to depend on their parents for almost everything. But the burden of spending money from your own pocket begins when you are eighteen and you decide to stand on your own feet.

The transition may be a shock to many but there are always ways to cope with managing the little amount you earn on your first job just like your first time winning card games.


Surviving on Your Own

After you have left the comfort of your parents’ house to journey alone as an adult, you have to make sure you have enough pride not to knock on your childhood home when things are not well. The first step may be very difficult and frustrating but you will surely get over it if you are a wise spender. Learn to manage your resources as wisely as you could and spend only for yourself.


Having a Budget

Make a list of your earnings and your spending. In other words, have a budget. Make sure you know where each cent goes to. Spend on the basics, such as food, apartment rent, electricity, fare, and other essentials only. If you can, avoid going out with friends unless someone is paying for you. be very cautious in how to dispose of your hard earned money. It wouldn’t hurt if you spend some money on recreation. But, there are free unblocked games that offer the same fun and excitement as others.


Saving or Investing

As early as possible, make plans as to how you can make your small finances grow. You may opt at keeping a savings account or you may invest in something such as stocks. You do not know what may happen in the coming days or weeks, thus, you should not let yourself penniless. Keep some amount somewhere for sudden or emergency expenses. If buying stocks is beyond your capacity yet, try saving until you can afford to.


Spending Blues

Finally, you have to face the battle of spending blues. If you are not careful, you may find yourself spending the whole month’s income if you do not stick to your budget. Learn to avoid unnecessary spendings and unnecessary trips. Live simply.